Agrowing revolutionizes precision
agriculture by using the high-end
NDVI maps, which are produced by
Agrowing’s sensors, as the pedestal
for its innovative patent pending
AI-Enabling Remote&Close Sensing.

What is so special
about Agrowing's
sensor's technology?


Agrowing Ltd. is a world leading provider of award-winning high resolution, high quality multispectral sensing solutions, which enable autonomous AI detection and identification in the field of various agricultural abnormalities, bringing the aerial precision agriculture sensing to the next higher level.


Agrowing’s US patented multispectral Sensor Design and patent-pending Imagery Acquisition Method are the only viable way for non sampled scanning of fields, while enabling extreme close look at outlying areas of concern.


Most airborne multispectral sensors employ multiple cameras, each of which is equipped with a different bandpass filter. The lenses of these cameras may be a few centimeters apart from each other, making the alignment (matching) of the acquired chroma bands impossible from a close range.

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Multispectral sensors, which are based on multi-cameras can hardly
be synchronized for synchronized
acquisition of the imagery. A lag of 20ms between two different cameras means 20cm for a 10m per second moving drone, resulting in a different POV.

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Most of the multispectral sensors have optics of short focal length and wide aperture. The result is inferior image quality, poor relative illumination and high distortion. Agrowing’s sensors are of 25mm focal depth, fixed F6 aperture, and very low distortion.

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33 MP mapping

7 Megapixel per band 10 narrow bands or 9 + wide RGB

30 nm per band

for Full Frame E-Mount for modified Sony A7CII camera body


Agrowing 61MP Quad

61MP mapping

12 Megapixel per band 10 narrow bands or 9 + wide RGB

30nm per band

for Full Frame Sony E-Mount fo modified Sony A7C-R


61MP RGB mapping

13.5 Megapixel per band 10 narrow bands or 9 + wide RGB

30nm per band

for Full-Frame Leica L Mount




Agrowing's sensors utilize the latest mirrorless DSLRs to provide narrow bands, which can be customized for additional markets on top of precision agriculture. High-resolution 4-14 narrow multispectral bands of 8 to 12 megapixels, and soon 24 megapixels, present huge opportunities for AI in various fields.


Growers do not care about technology as such. They need actionable data, i.e. understanding exactly if they have any problem in the field, and what is the exact problem. Agrowing provides the technology, which enables service providers to scan efficiently, while providing actionable data to the grower.