About Us

Agrowing Ltd. is a world leading provider of high resolution, high-quality multispectral sensing solutions, which bring the aerial precision agriculture sensing to the next and significantly higher level.

Agrowing provides Precision Agriculture with disruptive 5, 10, and 14 high-resolution bands, Dual-Purpose RGB/Multispectral AI-Enabling Patented Sensor’s and Imagery Acquisition technologies. 


The company is focused on supplying growers and farmers with solutions, which provide them with immediate in-the-field accurate actionable data.

Agrowing’s Sensor Design and its Remote-and-Close imagery acquisition patents were granted globally.

With 5 bands of 10MP per band, 10 bands of 12MP per band,, and 14 bands of 7MP per band, Agrowing’s sensors are of far higher resolution and quality than any other existing state-of-the-art multi-camera sensor, overcoming some of the major issues of multispectral Agriculture imagery acquisition. 

Agrowing takes precision agriculture from remote sensing guesstimation to precise AI-analysis, by enabling revolutionary multispectral acquisition of images at sub 0.5mm per pixel.   



Agrowing’s Remote-and-Close innovative sensing method enables highly accurate AI analysis for detecting and identifying pests, diseases, and other vegetation irregularities. 

The unique design of Agrowing’s sensors secures the ongoing improvement and scalability of its products. 

Utilizing the latest-greatest Sony mirrorless APS-C and Full-Frame back illuminated cameras, we offer a wide range of sensors with 5 to 15 narrow bands 8 to 12 Megapixels each and 15nm to 40nm each, while offering them to growers and service providers for an affordable and competitive price.