10 bands case study by Agrowing's partner

Almonds orchard; Downsampled NDVI orthophoto (100m altitude)

Almond orchard

Detail, downsampled by 4!

DS4 Almonds
Low altitude visual Low altitude analysis

AI-Enabled Potato-Blight Detection

Low altitude high-resolution multispectral imagery enables the use of Machine-Vision and Machine-Learning (AI) techniques, separating the brown Blight from the green leaves and the earth-brown. Resolution of sub 0.5mm per pixel, resulting from imagery acquisition from 3m altitude above the crop, enables detection of distinctive multispectral signatures of pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies.

High Altitude NDVI

Agrowing's narrow bands,high-resolution, high dynamic-range sensors, produce the most detailed NDVI maps one can expect. Such detailed NDVI (and similar metrics) maps, are essential for spotting stressed and outlying areas of the field, at an early stage.

Spotting various degrees of blight is demonstrated in this potatoes test-field. The imagery was acquired from 100m altitude using Agrowing's R10C based sensor with NDVI lens.

High Alt Visual High Alt NDVI
Black Sigatoka VIS 1024 Black Sigatoka 1024

The Invisible Revealed

The progression of Black Sigatoka in Banana leaves, and HLB in Citrus, is invisible at early dates.
Analyzing high-resolution multi-band multispectral data of wide dynamic-range, enables machine-detection of the invisible.